Charlotte and myself are passionate, intimate and relaxed people, we wanted this reflected in our wedding and also in the photos. We were looking for a photographer who was passionate about their work and creating memories over someone treating it like a business. We decided upon Marlboro based on those traits and we now have the best photos of our happiest day. Communication was great, he was always there for the shots while being non invasive and his setup and gear is very professional. He didn’t mind how many hours we needed him for and his post editing into the format we wanted was fantastic. I recommend Marlboro for anyone looking for a photographer to happily capture their special day and memories.
We loved having Marlboro shoot our elopement and could not have been more pleased with our stunning keepsake photos. He captured the essence of us in every moment of our special day and we especially enjoyed feeling like we were involved in his creative process. He was more than willing to work with us despite our short time frame and tight budget. We highly recommend Marlboro for any occasion and feel that his passion for his work is just added value to his service!
Marlboro was fantastic to work with. Very calm and fun approach when taking photographs of my fiance and I. Great ideas, was fast, efficient and great. I love how the photos he took captured some wonderful moments of us :)
VERY happy! Not many people would think to hire a photographer for a funeral, but it was the best decision we made! The pictures were tasteful and will give us memories to treasure in years to come. All photos weretaken with no intrintrusion and captured the range of emotions we all shared that day. I would highly recommend it!
The engagement photos we had taken where beautiful!
We got them quickly, and Marlbolo was so considerate on what I had been looking for. When we didn’t have luck finding cherry blossoms the first time, he found a tree later on that week and invited us out to shoot again. All in all, it was fun and a great experience!
Brent and I were just BEYOND thrilled with not only the new friendship we formed with Marlboro, but his extreme talent in what he does!!! So overwhelmed by the beauty in our photos!! Can’t wait to collaborate with you again and again and again!!!!