Marlboro Wang

When you fall in love with something, you don’t ever want to let it go. Then you spend your lifetime loving it. 

When photography found me, I had a job like everyone else. It was a long road before I could finally make a living doing what I love so deeply. 

Getting up before the sun every morning just to catch the first light of the day…driving hundreds of miles just to capture your friend's wedding…feeling your face go numb as you stay on the beach for too long photographing the waves…spending all of your savings on cameras…. When you love something so deeply and dearly, you don't really care if you are walking down a one-way street alone.

It's a privilege to be chosen to capture a couple's special day. As a photographer, I hunt for the moment because only moments are timeless, and only moment makes photo alive. I always want each couple I work with to be able to feel the exact same way they felt on their wedding day whenever they look at their wedding photos. 

As a story teller, I believe every wedding is unique and personal, and I make sure everyone's memory of their wedding is as unique and personal as their love story.